Johanna Langenhan

Dead Romance (1999) illustration

Alternative cover for the Virgin New Adventures novel “Dead Romance” inspired by the style of the old Bernice Summerfield books and audios as illustrated by Adrian Salmon.

The image depicts the character Christine Summerfield reaching out towards a “clone tank”. The creature in the corner is called a “Sphinx” within the book and described as dragon-like with a big black lens for a head in which one can see ones own reflection.

The picture on the homepage is inspired by the Audio CD layout because it's square and made more sense in this theme, but there's also a novel version.

We make things out of sin, with blood and human skin;
We make things out of dust, so we can smash them up.

26th century nursery rhyme
FontsBahnschrift, Arial
“Logo”inspired by the “Professor Bernice Summerfield” logo designed by Paul Vyse, ┬ęBig Finish Productions 2000
Programs usedAdobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
approximate time spent16h

Details and individual sprites