Johanna Langenhan

Interference (1999) audio cover

A cover for the 1999 two-part novel Intereference if it was a Big Finish Monthly Adventure. Inspired by the early 8th Doctor Main Range cover design, but staying true to the covers of the two novels.

Notable elements in the design of this fake cover are the two faces (as in the original covers), the skull (meant to represent the Faction Paradox, members of which wear giant bat skulls as masks); and the TV screen and static, as television is a central theme of the books.

‘The Faction knows one thing for sure,’ the shadow told him, and it folded its hands in front of its face when it spoke, so they vanished into the darkness of its body. ‘The Faction knows that everything’s aesthetics. There’s no path of righteousness. There’s no politics, apart from show politics. Sarah Jane Smith cried when she saw ET, but two hundred thousand people died in East Timor and it was all she could do to go “tsch”. Aesthetics is how the Faction keeps control.’

Interference: Shock Tactic, Page 168
Fonts Bahnschrift, Dimensity
LogoDoctor Who TV movie logo ©BBC 1996
Image Sources 8th and 3rd Doctor images ©BBC
Galaxy by NASA
Skull by Mathieu Stern
TV by mp ilp
TV static by Dan Cristian Pădureț
programs usedAdobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
approximate time spent2h