Johanna Langenhan

You need to be more human (illustration)

Compassion! She is a character from the 8th Doctor novels who first appeared in Interference. In the future where she comes from humans do whatever the TV signals tell them to do and have no free will, so the Doctor takes her with him to make her more "human". Because he can't be sure she won't be influenced by such signals once more and turn against him, he links her to the TARDIS (who sends signals that are sympathetic to the Doctor). This changes Compassion gradually and ends up turning her into the first sentient humanoid TARDIS.

Cowering on the ground and apparently crying, we do not see her face as her long red hair is in the way. Out of her back, on a darkened wing-like shape, shoot various TARDIS interior elements such as the central column and consol, the scanner and wires. The TARDIS roundels are distributed across the fore- and background. I also added stretch marks in the color of the TARDIS portion of the painting – they symbolize the fact that her body is changing and growing very quickly.

It might also be worth mentioning that her skin and general appearance are described as lacking detail – I tried to carry this strange impression by making her skin and even clothes appear very soft and hazy.

Live among humans.
Make friends.
Get a job.
Eat chips.
Write poetry.
Kiss someone (properly).
Get a cat.
Fall in love.
The Doctor's To-Do list for Compassion from "The Shadows of Avalon"

What I like about Compassion's story as a whole is how it shows that the Doctor is wrong and treats her really unfairly. He tries to make her "human" (she did descend from humanity) and help her discover the joys of individuality but only on his own terms. So it reminds me a lot of Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager. While the moral conflict is definitely acknowledged in Voyager, in some regards and episodes the crew sets 7 very harsh expectations that are very unlike her, which she then (by the end of the episode) fulfills anyway.

The very biased opinions that Janeway + co. have of humanity must be accepted by 7 without question and she has little chance to develop her own beliefs.

With Compassion it really felt constantly like the Doctor was just wrong and Compassion was just not the sort of person to fulfill his narrow expectations of what it means to be human. For example point 8 on the to-do list above: "Fall in love" is not really something Compassion does. She is pretty explicitly aromantic and asexual although these words are (obviously) not stated. So when she makes a guy fall in love with her she concludes that this must be the same thing. So while in-universe the unfairness isn't stated out-right, the reader usually gets the idea that the Doctor isn't right about Compassion at all and that his self-confidence on the matter harms her over and over again (e.g. being turned into a TARDIS).

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