Johanna Langenhan

Oh No It Isn't! (1998) illustration

‘Nonsense, Dick, old chap! That’s what I was trying to tell you last night!’

Bernice spat out a sweet. It hit the tree. 'Dick? Chap?’

Wolsey chuckled. 'Listen, when I get together with other cats, usually ones whose owners have done terrible surgical things to them, they tell me that you, Master, are lucky to have a Wolsey. No, I tell them. It’s me who’s lucky. I’m lucky to have a-’

Oh No It Isn't! (novel) by Paul Cornell

Another homage to Adrian Salmon's Bernice Summerfield covers; he illustrated all covers for Benny from season 2 up to the box sets. This classic story, which was adapted from the book of the same name, did not yet get this illustration-style of cover, but I think it deserves a shot, at least!

The style of the illustration is very much inspired by the aforementioned covers, though I allowed for much more freedom that I left in my previous immitation of the style. The cover depicts Bernice, in her outfit from the original cover (embedded below), leaning down and speaking to her cat, Wolsey. Wolsey has a gun, like in the original cover, and is wearing clothes and boots. The two of them stand before a bright background, framed by stage curtains.

The original cover followed the cover design of the Bernice Summerfield Virgin New Adventures. I set out to maintain some elements from this cover, such as Benny's weird big shoulder pads and the yellow-orange-red background. I did, however, adjust her hairstyle to that from season 2 onward.

original Oh No It Isn't cover

Oh No It Isn't cover, © Big Finish Productions 1998, illustrated by John Sullivan
Logodesigned by Paul Vyse, ©Big Finish Productions 2000
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